Your Photography Timeline

Your Photography Timeline Charlotte Kiri

Having an efficient timeline for your wedding day will help your photographer have adequate time to deliver the most epic photos imaginable.

Charlotte Kiri is a wedding photographer based in Wanaka. Main image – Ginette and Charlene at their Wanaka wedding, photographed by Charlotte Kiri, Issue 70. 

Planning your Photography Timeline

  • Contact Numbers/important location addresses: Have all your key contacts on your timeline, so everyone can contact each other in-case of an emergency. Double check your addresses are correct before finalising your timeline.
  • Prep: Being organised when your photographer arrives is key. Get ready close to each other to maximise your photography time. Have all your details ready and laid out, shirts ironed, everything on matching hangers and make sure the bridal party is ready and showered when your photographer arrives.
  • Ceremony: Speak with your Celebrant/Minister and allocate enough time for your ceremony. Religious ceremonies can be an hour or two, where celebrant lead ceremonies are approx. 30 mins.
  • Receiving line: Allocate 15 mins for your guests to come up and hug you before the family photos. These photos are always so candid and are a nice way to have a moment before you get rushed into group photos.
  • Family Photos: Have a family photo list with everyone’s names for your wedding photographer. If you want a photo with someone on your wedding day they need to be on this list. Each photo takes 3-4 mins, so I recommend doing 10 groups max (30 mins total).
  • Importance of an MC: Your MC needs to be assertive, organised and loud. They will help organise the family photos and also keep the schedule on-time during the reception.
  • Bridal Party & Couples’ Photos: It’s important to talk with your own photographer about how much time they will need for these photos.
  • Drive times, wet weather and Contingency: Make sure to allocate drive times via google maps in your timeline. Leave a good buffer for traffic delays. Check any events for your area which may affect your wedding day. Have a wet weather plan also on your timeline which can be put into action if need be, on short notice.
  • Sunset Photos: Check with your photographer when this falls on your day as it varies throughout the year. These photos will probably be the best imaging of the day and well worth having inside your timeline.

Visit Charlotte’s website for more examples of her work.

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