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If you want to achieve the elegant curls or flawless updo’s of a New Zealand Weddings and Honeymoons bride, hair extensions are an essential addition to your look.

As a Hair Extensions Specialist, I’ve installed hundreds of wedding day weaves that have added opulence and style to my clients most special day. Nowdays, brides have numerous extension options from a range of different price points, meaning everyone can have the hair they’ve always desired on their big day.

Two of the most popular choices are clip in extensions and tape in extensions. Both of these options work for any wedding, but as always there are pros and cons to consider.

Clip Ins

Clip ins are no fuss hair extensions which can be installed on the day of your wedding and easily removed before the honeymoon. Costing between approximately $89 to $240 (depending on length and hair grade,) they are an affordable choice and can be re-used on future occasions. If you’re looking for extensions to last beyond the honeymoon, these probably aren’t the best choice – but for a princess-inspired bridal look, they are ideal!

Tape Ins

Tape ins require professional installation and removal, but last longer and look incredibly real. They are flat to the head for more comfort, and mean you can wash and brush your hair without having to remove anything beforehand. The price can vary depending on your natural hair, but usually professionals will charge $350 upward. However, it’s worth the price for not having to worry about your extensions for 6 to 8 weeks after your special day.

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