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Wedding Makeup – why it’s so important – especially for professional photos


After booking a professional hairstylist, some brides may decide to do their own wedding day makeup. If you are a makeup artist, you know what is required. For everyone else, hiring a professional makeup artist is the BEST thing you can do and here’s why!

You may be great at applying your own makeup everyday but makeup application for professional photos is a different process. Makeup artists are trained in creating flawless looks especially for the camera. They use a variety of skills and techniques to sculpt and enhance our best features while hiding unwanted blemishes (maybe some under eye bags too). They use professional products making the makeup look flawless on and off camera and lasting the whole day. No one wants makeup that looks good for a couple of hours then starts to separate, slip or even sweat off our face!

Doing your own makeup could result in the camera picking up some unwanted flaws in your complexion. It may look great to the naked eye but things like flashback – commonly caused by SPF in products. White cast – caused by the ingredient silica which is in various makeup powders, face shine, mis-matched foundation or dry/ cakey makeup. While photographers can edit photos to a certain degree, time is money, honey!

Another thing to consider is photographers often take photos while the bridal party is getting ready. They often capture beautiful moments of you siting, relaxing and enjoying getting pampered.

Having a professional makeup artist do your makeup will create a beautiful complexion for the camera to capture. They know what is required to create flawless bridal looks and you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your wedding day knowing your photos will be perfect.

Shannon Pringle, Blushing Beauty Boutique

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