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There’s so much to plan when it comes to weddings – how on earth are you supposed to find the time to work out and be super healthy so you can fit that dream dress?


Fu/nis EMS training has the answer: A new way of exercising (well new to New Zealand, anyway) which only requires 20 minutes of your time once or twice a week. No, we’re not kidding.

How does EMS training work: It’s not a magic workout – it’s full body training session based on bodyweight exercises whilst small electric impulses – ‘magic buzzes’ if you will – are simultaneously sent to your main muscle groups to help contract them stronger and deeper. The impulses mimic what is normally done naturally by your brain, helping you to contract up to 90% of your muscles at once making it comparable to a 90 minutes regular weights session in the gym, but in just 20 minutes. Each session is instructed by a Personal EMS trainer and you’ll be motivated to give your best to feel amazing!

Does it work and do I need to be fit? EMS training works for every body type and shape and is individualised to every exercise level; our fu/nis members see great results, from feeling stronger and healthier and more toned in as little as three to six sessions to reducing weight and body fat percentage in usually six weeks time without any other lifestyle changes. 

No excuses: It doesn’t take up much time when things are frantic pre-wedding. At only 20 minutes a session it fits in before or after work, or even in a lunch break. In and out in 30 minutes without sacrificing a great, quality workout is pretty hard to beat.

Where can you try it: 

fu/nis EMS training is the first EMS studio in New Zealand and the only one on the North Island. Our boutique studio is located close to Britomart, in Central Auckland. 

Contact us for booking in your complimentary trial session when you mention NZ Wedding Magazine to us. 


Phone: 09 373 3004 


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