The moment you said “I do” in Vanuatu


When you close your eyes and imagine your wedding day does it include a warm ocean breeze and the rustling of palm trees, the faint laughter of the local kids who (very bravely) giggle as they watch proceedings, a backdrop of bright blue as small waves hit the shore? If so, Vanuatu might be a perfect fit.

It’s close, but feels a million miles away

Flight times from Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney are between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. There are regular services from these ports making it easy for guests to travel to Vanuatu. It also makes for easy planning. As a bonus Australian and New Zealand visitors do not need visas.

Your guests will thank you

If part of your wedding plan is to spend so quality time with your guests, Vanuatu is perfect for a pre or post-wedding holiday. Vanuatu has a range of options to keep your guests comfortable. Luxurious holiday homes, private use resorts or accommodation to suit all budgets. Everything is close in Vanuatu and it is easy to get around and enjoy the Vanuatu holiday experiences. You choose from hiking to waterfalls, swinging from ropes and dropping into clear blue holes, beach BBQ’s, boutique snorkelling excursions, experiencing a different culture, or simply enjoying each other’s company over a glass of French wine and locally grown food.

Plenty of willing helpers

Regardless of whether you choose to get married inone of the resorts that offer wedding packages or one of the many Vanuatu beauty spots help is available. Wedding co-ordinators are available across Vanuatu either through your resort or a private wedding planner. They will also help you source photographers, arrange flowers and entertainment, hair and beauty requirements, and of course the all import reception and catering requirements. There are also options to assist with transport and accommodation requirements should you need them.

Beachfront, private islands or volcanos

Vanuatu can offer you the most beautiful locations for your wedding day, including some unexpected ones. Romantic seafront locations, secluded beaches, private islands, coconut plantations, next to cascading waterfalls and rivers or private jettys’ are all options. If you are seeking something more unconventional perhaps consider the side of a volcano on Tanna Island, starting your life together by ziplining over canyons or ask the local village pikinini’s to join you.

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