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Diane Stephenson from Modes Bridal Boutique talks bridal dress lengths to ensure your gown is the perfect fit from top to toe.

One detail that plays a big part in how a bride looks is the length of her dress. Choosing between a full monarch-length train, the popular tea-length or a more playful knee-length will completely define a look and immediately establish the image the bride wants to portray.

Before you make a choice, factor in which dress will work best for your height and the style of wedding you’re having. A longer dress is an ideal choice because of its regal appearance, and it’s not only for tall and slender brides but also for those who want to hide their hips and accentuate their waistline. Shorter dresses will work well with more informal weddings and where greater movement is an essential. To complete your look, find the perfect pair of shoes that complement your gown, especially if you decide to wear a short dress. To ensure you maximise the illusion of height select a court shoe rather than strappy or peep-toed shoes.

A bride wearing a dress this long will feel like royalty. The dress train may stretch up to nine feet long and will make one feel truly elegant. This dress style will certainly grab the attention of friends and loved ones as you approach the altar. However, it’s important to be aware it can be a challenge to wear and to walk in because of its length.

This wedding gown length is not as long as the monarch, but it still emanates opulence from top to bottom. Its train hugs a bride’s curves and brings out the best in their figure.

This classic dress has been a common style for many brides for the past few decades. It’s a classic because it has a timeless look and appeal that exudes beauty and elegance. It measures just an inch above the ground and has a trail that’s a work of art.

If you prefer a shorter dress, tea-length is an ideal choice for short and medium height women. This is for brides who want comfort above other features, because its length allows for free and easy movement. It doesn’t look as regal as a monarch or cathedral, but is comfortable without sacrificing style and is ideal to show off some well-chosen heels.

This is one of the top choices when it comes to shorter wedding dress styles, and a popular option for those who want to mix comfort and elegance. A knee-length dress is a good choice regardless of height and is often worn for civil ceremonies or as a party gown that will allow the bride to kick up her heels on the dance floor.

This trendy, just-off-the-ground dress length is popular and worth considering. The midi often incorporates a lace sheath covering to add greater detail and impact. It suits brides who are slightly shorter and is popular with those who want to be able to move freely on their wedding day. It’s an ideal gown length to wear not just during the wedding but right up to the reception and beyond.

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