Shine bright like a diamond


With six generations of family and over 156 years of expertise behind them, it’s perhaps no surprise that Partridge Jewellers know what’s what when it comes to high quality, ethically sourced diamonds.

Throughout its sparkling history, Partridge Jewellers have worked with some of the world’s greatest diamond-cutting centres, and these strong relationships, along with their focus on quality, mean they have a number of exclusive New Zealand sourcing arrangements with the likes of Forevermark, ASHOKA®, Argyle Pink Diamonds and Movál.

The unique features of each diamond rough selected by Movál dictate how the diamond is sculpted, which means that no two Movál diamonds are ever the same. Fusing the beauty of two classic cuts – the timeless marquise and softly curvaceous oval – within a single design, Movál diamonds are also famous for their intense scintillation due to the expert placement of their facets. Movál diamonds particularly suited to being used in showstopping rings as their elongated shapes serve to lengthen the finger for unrivalled elegance.

Pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. The Argyle mine in Western Australia is responsible for over 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds, and only about one percent of the diamonds mined at the Argyle mine are pinks. Colour in diamonds is usually due to trace element impurities within the crystal lattice, and while this can be true of other pink diamonds, Argyle Pink Diamonds are an exception.

On average, a pink diamond is worth 20 times that of an equivalent white diamond. With the Argyle mine due to close in 2020 and no other known source of pink diamonds of their calibre anywhere in the world, the price of these very precious and rare gemstones is expected to continue
to rise.

Forevermark is part of the De Beers diamond empire, and all Forevermark diamonds must pass their stringent criteria for beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing. All Forevermark diamonds over .10ct have the Forevermark symbol and unique identification number embedded under the centre of the table of the diamonds and all diamonds can be registered on, making your diamond uniquely yours.

Of the diamonds produced world-wide, .001 percent of these will be extraordinary enough to carry the Black Label name, and only 350 stores worldwide offer these diamonds. Black Label diamonds are the most perfectly cut in the world and are cut entirely by hand.

Generally, diamonds cut to Black Label standards are from .25ct and upwards, have perfect symmetry and perfect refraction meaning there is zero light lost from the bottom or sides of the diamond.

William Goldberg had a unique talent for transforming rough stones into legendary gems, but one day came upon a diamond that was already a legend. Mined in the Golconda region of Southern India centuries ago and cut by an unknown artist of remarkable skill, the diamond was a breathtaking, 41.37ct flawless gem. Inspired by this renowned stone, Goldberg created a cut so unique, exclusive and distinctive, it was granted its very own patent, and named the ASHOKA® diamond.

The ASHOKA® diamond is visibly larger than an emerald cut diamond by 30 percent. And because of the patent, and because the extra-long rough stones needed for this cut are rare, customers can be confident of owning something unique and extremely special – especially as Partridge Jewellers is one of just 20 boutiques worldwide who house ASHOKA®.

Partridge’s exceptional range of diamonds have been incorporated into the full spectrum of dazzling jewellery on offer across their seven stores, from engagement rings to necklaces, bracelets and earrings that make for stunning bridal party adornment.

For those seeking pieces that are entirely unique or to incorporate a family heirloom, they also offer a bespoke service and can work with customers from sketch through to completed design.




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