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They aren’t permanent, done well it’s unlikely anyone will be able to tell you’ve had it done, and no, it doesn’t hurt. In short, modern microblading is a world away from the cosmetic eyebrow tattoos of decades past, and according to Rebecca Hutchinson, owner and founder of Auckland’s highly regarded Lash Noir Ink salon, it just keeps getting better.

“Microblading has come so far in the past few years,” says Rebecca. “Not only have the tools and pigments completely evolved, allowing an even sharper and longer lasting healed strokes, but the skills of the therapists have evolved massively due to overseas trainers making it to New Zealand or venturing out ourselves to train with some of the best artists in the world.

Sadly, not every eyebrow is right for the treatment. Rebecca says before people consider microblading, they need to consider if they are suitable. Oily skin, open pores, old tattoos or certain medications can affect the overall result and it’s possible that there’s a better suited technique out there for some.

“People also need to consider who they’re booking with – what you see is what you get!” she says. “Check the artist’s work and if you love what they do then book with them specifically. The style of work ranges so much, so it’s important to fully know what that specific artist leans towards so you get the best possible result.”

Rebecca, a former makeup artist who launched Lash Noir in 2009, says among the things people are always surprised by is how much the microblading softens. Initially, it’s a bit of a fright while they’re healing! It settles and softens a lot!”

“People are also often surprised to learn that we can’t go over old powder tattoos very well with microblading, it’s a bit more of a commitment timewise. We recommend laser removal to clients who want to upgrade their old powder to a softer, more natural look.”

The ideal time to start the microblading process is around four months before the wedding. “This allows three perfectly spaced treatments, which is the maximum amount of appointments we would expect for a perfect result,” explains Rebecca.

“As soon as you start planning the wedding, we recommend you book to ensure you get in with the therapist you want to see at a time that suits you well (our salon books out three to six months in advance).

There are also stand-down times for other treatments, so time botox, peels, facials etc for a minimum of seven days before and not for seven days after a treatment. “This is a strict protocol but ensures no other treatment will interact with the outcome of your brows,” says Rebecca. She also recommends letting botox settle for a month prior if it’s not completed regularly by the same person.

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