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“Living a healthy lifestyle is never a temporary option for me, it has to be permanent, so I’d love to help Kiwi brides and couples find a healthy and active lifestyle that works for you.

  • Story by Chanel Clyde

Personal trainer and bodybuilding competitor, Chanel Clyde, has been in the fitness industry for seven years, competing in bikini athlete competitions and motivating others to be the best that they can be. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also studying Human Resource Management and Business Law.

“Confidence is a journey, not a destination. Be stronger than your excuse, as having a strong body, helps to refuel a strong mind and each step you take to pushing yourself harder will open up to more success and progress you never deemed possible.”

We know that brides (and their partners!) want to look and feel their best on their wedding day, and it’s about planning ahead to ensure that you can achieve this goal. Just like planning a wedding, your new lifestyle plan requires preparation, forward-thinking, and commitment. Here’s Chanel’s guide:

Nutrition and Exercise Tip: Set small and realistic goals that slowly help to increase your exercise. Through focusing on cooking from home and increasing protein intake within each meal (this should include a wide variety of meats, fish, vegetables and nuts). And alongside daily meal preparation and cooking, it would be ideal to start going for brisk walks and potentially investing in some small weights which are easy to access and use within your home. As a rule of thumb, weight loss usually occurs with a 75% focus on your diet and 25% focus on exercise. Overall, finding something that motivates you during the tough times is essential as the number one thing you will have to sacrifice in order to be great, to achieve what you are capable of and to execute your plans, is your comfort, after that the health benefits will flow.

12 months before Have a plan in place and set a realistic goal:
When sitting a year out from your special day, a successful regime takes planning and time; this means whilst looking for your wedding dress, you must also start planning your diet and exercise routine. This means setting goals of what you want to achieve and keeping yourself accountable when these targets have been reached. Goals could include a certain weight or wedding dress size; or even joining a gym/enrolling in classes, but that is completely up to you. However, do your research and be realistic so you don’t outdo yourself and get overwhelmed, as anything is attainable if you set your mind to it.

9 months before – Building strength and stamina:
If your goal is to tone up before your wedding day, being able to build strength and have a consistent exercise routine is ideal. Always remember that to see fast results, you must dedicate a lot of time into your diet as well, this is why it is key to start early and stay consistent throughout the course of your wedding year. By focusing on areas you choose to change, there are multiple plans that will be right for you; whether that be intensifying the workout or changing the approach, just be sure to include light-heavy weights and even the optional aerobic class like Crossfit; which essentially creates strength through a more cardio based fitness routine.
However, always remember to give your body time to heal and rest; through implementing a rest day into each week and even including a cheat meal on the same day so you are refueled for the next week to come.

6 months before – Increase cardio:
With only 6 months to go, I believe it’s time to really push yourself in terms of cardio. If you have added aerobic exercises into your routine, you will already be familiar with this type of fitness. However, committing to a steady cardio based plan will speed up the process to ensure you look great for your big day. These can be activities in relation to, swimming, stretching, dancing, running or even beach walks; lasting around 30-45 minutes, just ensure you are maximising the rate at which you are doing so, to ensure you are burning enough calories to stay in a calorie deficit – ie: burning more calories than you are consuming in a day.

3 months before – This is where we really knuckle down on your diet:
By now you would’ve already started to eat healthier. There are hundreds of diet trends out there to help you lose weight in a sufficient amount of time, however the only way proven to work long term is by counting your calories the old fashioned way. This means managing your caloric intake yourself and allowing yourself to consume the odd dessert or drink where you think suites. Be sure you are consuming enough calories; which is significantly important if you’re implementing intense workouts into your regime, as if this is not the case your body will begin to go into starvation mode where your body begins to hoard calories, making it significantly harder to lose weight and reach your goals.
-Within this process I would recommend consulting a personal trainer or nutritionist to help steer you towards the best plan suited for your goal.

1 month before Accountability:
This is the time where you really recognise how far you’ve come and treat yourself to some selfcare. Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep, eating well and hydrating as much as possible, alongside ensuring you do not exhaust yourself with strenuous workouts. You’ve made it and should be so very proud!

This plan is intended as a guide only. Before you embark on any new exercise routine, see your doctor or healthcare professional.

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