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New Zealand is spoiled for choice when it comes to local bridal designers, who whip up wedding gowns around the clock. But despite creating so many dreamy dresses, they do still have favourite designs – here are just a few…

Trish Peng

My favourite gown at the moment is actually a custom bridal design that we’ve brought out into the new collection and named it after the bride Therese.

It was so popular after we posted her photos on social media that people were asking for it, so we thought we’d bring it out in a different lace and call it the Therese gown.

The Therese gown is my new favourite gown as it’s very glamorous, modern and chic! The square neck is very flattering on most women and it comes with the most incredible beaded floral linear lace that makes everyone who tries it on look so, so tall!

Natasha Postill, Beau Couture

This wedding gown is a one-of-a-kind design, handcrafted for Aleisha. Beautiful, dreamy and romantic, it’s one of our favourite gowns. The wedding dress details are soft and layered – with many layers of silk that drape and free-fall, creating a light skirt full of volume and magnificence. Fabric texture is abundant in this gown.

A ruffled neckline, miniature sequins glistening with a soft sheen as the light captures them, and soft layers of organza, chiffon and embroidery lace florals are positioned on the neckline with delicate precision. The dress also has a clever hidden built-in structure to support the body.

Anita Turner, Vinka Design

After seeing this on a real bride recently and seeing the gown through her eyes, it really made me realise how special this one is. I love the combination of elements in this gown. The lace, sleeves, structured bodice and dreamy tulle skirt are all so timeless, feminine and elegant, yet a little flirty.

Jamie Richards, Margaret Wray

My favourite gown of the moment is this style, Emmaline, which I designed for one of my best friends. I was her bridesmaid, so it was absolutely fabulous to walk down the aisle in front of her and watch everyone’s expressions as she came in.

It’s a two-piece design, designed for maximum wow factor when entering the chapel, or in my friend’s case, castle. The tulip-style skirt can be removed to reveal a slim column dress with softly draped georgette sleeves. A fabulous long split up the back creates a sexy and elegant silhouette, and it was made from zibeline fabric, which has great drape and texture.

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