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Fitting in 30-45 minutes of exercise daily has proven to show benefits both physically and mentally. Exercise can improve your mood and decrease the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression. It can increase your hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which relieve feelings of depression and increase the production of endorphins which help us to feel good especially if we are stressed out!

To create fat loss and maintain muscle mass combine resistance training and aerobic exercises. Not only is this good for your weight loss goals but it is also good for you bone density and keeping them strong. Weight bearing aerobic exercise like walking or running are also considered to be beneficial for creating denser bone, and are perfect exercises for those days in between weight sessions.

Regular exercise will increase your metabolic rate which in turn you will burn calories and weight loss will begin to happen. To assist with better weight loss goals follow a wholefoods “diet” approach. Do not cut all carbohydrates as these are essential for fuel and contain good nutrients for your gut microbiome. Seek out a Nutritionist that aligns with you and your goals.

Want to work out but unsure where to start? Unsure which classes are best for you? Or just unsure but want to get started. The truth is we do not need loads of machinery equipment to achieve our weight loss goals, and we can do this from the comfort of our own home.

10 Exercises to get the heart rate pumping and the calories burning

  • Grab yourself a Mat/Beach Towel, a foot stool or use a step and a skipping rope (you can get these from Kmart at great prices) and let’s get started.hilst being confined to your own home.
  • Squat, Push ups, Side plank, Skipping
  • Single leg deadlift, Tricep Dips, Plank with arm extension, Thrusts, Toe taps on the step/stool, Butt kicks.
  • Set your timer to for 6-7 rounds with 40 second work time and 15 second rest with 3-5 rounds the aim here is to move as fast as possible between moves for maximum calorie burn. Choose 2 leg, 2 arms and 2 cardio exercises. The next day switch it up or go for a walk or run then alternate and include at least 2 rest days. A rest day could include a walk. As you progress increase the time by 5 seconds and work up to 60 seconds.

Vicky Wright is a Qualified Personal Trainer, certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner whose passion is health and fitness and wellbeing.

Contact Vicky at or on Instagram at @livewellhaf

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