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Kate Little is a wedding photographer based in Matakana. Visit her website
( for more examples of her work. Here she shares her tips for wedding photography.

ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I talk about with new couples is not only their own connection but our connection. I’m going to spend the whole day with you, I’m your sidekick, your best friend, your wedding organiser, your babysitter and most wonderfully your emotional support person. I want you to love hanging out with me and I want to love hanging with you. For you to trust me and to know you picked the right human to create those authentic stories. They are your stories, your pockets of time held still by me and my camera.

So how do we do this? Firstly let’s chat, have a wine or coffee. It’s not going to happen within a couple of email exchanges. We will simply hang out together and talk your plans through, all your details and the things that tell your story about you. I want to know how you guys met, what you love about each other and what are some of the craziest things you’ve done together.

This quote from Annie Leibovitz says it so beautifully, she touches on something that’s so important when choosing your photographer.
We can also go out for an engagement shoot. It will be fun and casual, just like going on a beach adventure. I always try to encourage authentic responses by chatting and asking questions. I want you to forget about me and the camera, to feel like I’m with you rather than posing you.

Then on your wedding day this translates, as we’ll already have that emotional connection. You’ll already know how easily these emotive moments can happen. We’ll just go on another adventure together, but this time I’ll also be finding and creating those moments that are like gold dust for your whole day.

Even without an engagement shoot I can talk you through how I shoot empathically. You’ll feel just how important it is to me that you’re comfortable, not posing and just having fun. It’s completely possible to have this kind of connection with your photographer and I believe passionately this is what will make your wedding photography so incredible.

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