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Have you considered Luxe Press – On Nails for Your Wedding Day?


Teddy Lane premium fashion nails are individually designed premium quality, pop-on fashion nails that are non-damaging and provide an instant manicure.

The French tip has all but disappeared and uber-blingin’ nails have been and gone, but beautiful neutral colours with stylish accents will always be on point. Bridal nails are certainly a personal choice and whether you’re a nail salon regular or a ‘never give them a thought’ type girl, one things for sure – brides want their nails and hands looking great on their wedding day. Teddy Lane ( ) is a Kiwi company who design and create DIY press-on nails. A popular choice for women who want a temporary but trustworthy nail that looks great and can be reused when required – perfect for the wedding week or your honeymoon! They’re recyclable, vegan and cruelty-free, while also being beautifully stylish and extremely versatile.

In terms of applying Teddy Lane nails prior to your wedding day, it really comes down to how much glue you want to use. “If you’re opting for a three-day wear, then I recommend applying nails the morning of your wedding,” says director and founder of Teddy Lane, Lauren Banks. “But if you want up to 10 days’ wear and apply more glue, then I’d suggest popping them on the night before.”

Press-on tips are perfect for Mum too. “We see ladies leaning towards our Classic range, although Duchesse is a nice touch for those wanting a lacy feature nail.”

Popular Teddy Lane styles for the upcoming wedding season:

  • Belle
  • Blushing Veil
  • French Affair
  • Blanc de Blush
  • Renai
  • French Ice

GOOD TO KNOW – Your queries – answered!


No, the glue included in each kit is specifically designed to dissolve as you wear the nails.


Very! Follow the 10-day application instructions and you’ll be able to get on with day-to-day life without having to worry about your nails – think working out, swimming, washing your hair…


Yes. Just use a nail clipper to trim to the desired length and then file edge to a smooth finish using the nailfile/buffer included in your kit.

Visit to see which style best suits you.

Teddy Lane press-on nails, from $25 a set

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