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Nikki Bunkall, head wedding specialist at More Than Skin’s three Auckland locations, recently tied the knot herself. We checked in with the newly-wed beauty expert with some frequently asked questions…

I want to get a facial before my Big Day, what would you recommend?
We always recommend our brides to start their wedding skin prep at least six months out as then you can talk with your therapist about what you would like to achieve before the big day. I think skin hydration is best pre-wedding as you want that dewy, bouncing looking skin so your makeup goes on beautifully.

I’m having a Winter Wedding – what do I need to think about skin-wise?
Nourishment is important as our skin naturally dries out a bit more in winter. So making sure you have our Joyce Blok Vitamin E15% on hand and Joyce Blok Rejuvenating Skin Cream will set you up well. Winter is known for hibernation for a good reason so ensure you get as much sleep as possible to protect your immune system, so that you remain nice and healthy through all the planning.

What are a few of your favourite products that you would recommend for the Bride-To-Be?
Joyce Blok Serum C10 and Serum C20 (vitamin C), Super Serum (rich in peptides) and Face & Body Exfoliant for glowing skin and the Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol sheet mask to hydrate and plump the skin (hyaluronic acid, frankincense hydrosol and turmeric root). Joyce Blok Rejuvenating skin cream is always another favourite for me to make sure you have beautiful hydrated skin.

I have a breakout right before the Wedding, what can I do?
Don’t pick at it! Use our Joyce Blok Active Purifying lotion to help heal it over much faster. Stress is also a huge cause of breakouts (and can be a side effect of wedding planning!) so use Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind bath & shower oil the night before the wedding to calm your mind.

The Mother of the Bride wants her skin to look great, what do you recommend?
It’s always nice for the mother of the bride to come in with the bride to set up a plan with a skin therapist to ensure their skin is glowing on the day too. Make sure they have a great plumping serum like our Joyce Blok Super Serum and look into coming in for a course of our Omnilux Revive Light Therapy to make her skin extra hydrated. An eyelash tint at the same time as a brow sculpt is always a good idea as well, as the day can get a little teary!




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