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Little Luxe Owner and Brow Specialist Shari Hurley, has extensive globally recognised certifications, and is well experienced in all things brows. Shari offers a range of services focusing on brows, lashes, and cosmetic tattooing. 

Little Luxe Owner and Brow Specialist Shari Hurley

Leading up to your big day when all eyes will be on you, every woman wants to feel beautiful and confident. There is no denying that well-defined brows and lips frame your face and accentuate your best features. Start having your brows professionally sculpted at least 6 months in advance as often new growth is needed to achieve the best results with your shape. If you’ve left it too late or want a longer-term solution you can enjoy beyond your wedding, cosmetic tattooing is your best option.

People always ask me who is cosmetic tattooing for, and the answer is mostly everyone! The beauty of cosmetic tattooing is that it suits a range of people, all with different lifestyles and desired results. Whether you just want to simplify your morning makeup routine, weren’t given naturally beautiful brows, blushed lips, or have over-plucked in previous years, cosmetic tattooing can be tailored to suit you. It can be crafted with an ultra-natural effect or a more polished and defined look.

Imagine not needing to touch up your lipstick all day long… instead just needing a little gloss and go! No longer needing to fiddle with your brows trying to make them sisters instead of distant cousins. How much more confidence would be bringing a beautiful frame to your best features to give you?

All cosmetic tattooing should be started several months before your wedding, as it does require at least 2 treatments, and 4-6 weeks of healing between appointments. However, the good news is that you will see benefits immediately after the initial treatment. Same as with normal tattooing, find an artist whose style you like, has good feedback and shows fresh and healed results. Full consultations should always be done prior to booking your treatment, so you feel confident in the process and what to expect.

Praise for Little Luxe

“I’ve felt SO HAPPY all week waking up in the morning and my brows are done, it’s such a dream!” – Luci

“I cannot recommend Shari enough, relaxed environment, knowledgeable, and amazing at what she does. If you are undecided, I definitely say go for it, you will not regret it.” – Sharon

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