Entertain young and old with these no-fail games and experiences!


Block Messages

Place a Jenga game at a table during your reception, asking your guests to write a message on a block for the newlyweds. This makes for a great keepsake and family game to bring out and enjoy for years to come.

Kids’ Play

Table football (or foosball) makes for a fun way to entertain the smaller people. Hire a table for your garden reception, or ask a mate if you can borrow theirs for the day.

Lawn Games

Everyone’s favourite fast game. Tic Tac Toe is a popular summer challenge for guests of all ages and abilities. Available to hire throughout New Zealand, or make your own with ropes and wooden shapes.

Confetti Cones

Encourage your guests to ‘toss some love’ as you return down the aisle as a married couple! From petals (dried or fresh) to paper and even leaves, the confetti throw still makes for a great photograph – often the epitome of the happy couple finalising the paperwork and ready to party!

Floral Wall

A decorative wall gives an anchor point for guests to gravitate to, to take beautiful snaps. Meadow Creative ( give us some great tips to make the most of this idea:

– good lighting for your photos is key and a simple way to get the best out of your floral wall

– your wall quickly becomes a focal point of the event so have it somewhere which is easily accessible or if you want to just keep it for your wedding party then have it behind your wedding party table at reception

– by getting bespoke signage created you can then keep this forever and have it be part of your home decor as a timeless reminder of your love-filled day

– ensure any hanging signage is high enough that you can see it between or above heads

– think about what’s on the ground and consider laying down a material to cover any horrific 80’s carpet if you’re inside as we all love a good head to toe photo – most importantly, make sure you have someone remind you to jump in front of the floral wall to have photos yourself as it’s so easy to forget!

Cartoon Creations

With time on your guests’ side – often between the ceremony and reception – why not consider inviting an illustrator to create memorable artwork of your friends, family. Or, after the wedding, to turn your own favourite wedding day portrait into a character piece?

Darren Blomfield is a third-generation artist, specialising in illustrations. “My hunger to grow my art into something more than a hobby has always been apparent,” Darren says. “As I build traction as an event cartoonist, I take pride in the fact that my lineage is in art and cartoons. I believe there is magic that only a picture can give, and through cartooning it is the connection and engagement with people that gives me the most pleasure.”

See more of Darren’s work at and email him at


“Darren joined us for our wedding and he is an incredible talent that added another element to our day. He is not just an artist but also a great guy who has given us a very special piece of memorabilia. I would highly recommend having Darren as a wedding cartoonist for your special day!” Tim (Groom)


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