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The Olfactory

The Olfactory natural perfume brand, develops scents from pure plant and marine products. Scents which have a positive effect on your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Our sense of smell is the most mysterious of the five senses. I’m sure you have smelled something and experienced the extraordinary sense of being transported through time and space to recapture a moment you experienced long after it actually happened.

The Olfactory honours the unconscious and uniquely scented aura your body naturally emits without giving it a thought. This scent has the power to attract or repel a mate or alert us to ill health and disease. Our perfumes are designed to enhance your pheromones; complementing and distinguishing them rather than disguising, overpowering or diminishing them.

We have scoured the terroir of the world’s most beautiful and intrepid places to find ingredients pure enough to use in our compositions. Ingredients that contain no nasty chemicals, synthetic aldehydes, chemical compounds, phthalates, parabens or isolates.

Ingredients with integrity and healing properties.

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