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My Greatest Now Quartet

As professional musicians, MGN (My Greatest Now) Quartet has performed at many beautiful weddings. Each wedding has been truly spectacular in its own unique and special way.

The talented group made up of the musical talents of Dr Kevin Field (piano), Dr Oliver Holland (upright bass), jazz master guitarist and vocalist, Denis Hepi, and vocal master Raymond Bishop on conga and vocals.

“Weddings are the pinnacle of love and commitment that two people have for each other. We have shed many a tear over the years as the wonder and power of love is displayed for all the world to see,” the quartet says. “As musicians, we contribute a little piece of magic to help make these special days even more memorable.

“The right selection of music is so critical to the success of every wedding and we want to deliver exactly what you desire. Music accentuates the meaning of a wedding day, the stunning beauty of the bride, and the anticipation of the groom or partner as his or her true love walks down the aisle towards them.”

MGN Quartet believes that sharing their passion, our love, and fearlessness for music enables them to deliver the very best performance we can - for every note of every song.

Enhance your wedding by including this world-class performance that you and your guests won't forget.


Location - New Zealand wide

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