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Miss Frou Frou

Miss Frou Frou has pieces for any occasion,from a dinner party for two through to a party for your 500 nearest and dearest, so darlings if you wish to host fabulous events you really must contact Miss Frou Frou

Miss Frou Frou lives to create not only events of beauty, but memories to last a lifetime. She has always had a penchant for all things beautiful and an eye for the exquisite. She believes that every day is an occasion and “one must be ready”. Miss Frou Frou is fun, sassy, flirty and feminine and loves nothing more than to turn an event into something so much more memorable with her exquisite collection of hire pieces. She makes special occasions out of every day moments and turns any event into one that will be talked about often in the months to follow.....for all the right reasons!

Refined, elegant, lavish, indulgent and beautiful are words often used to describe a Miss Frou Frou event. If your worst nightmare is an invitation to “dress casual” then you will love Miss Frou Frou. She loves nothing more than the swishing sound of a silk gown, a home fillled with fresh flowers and the calmness that comes from perfectly coordinated everything! Oh, and darlings ...she does mean everything...there will be no shabbiness around here.

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  • 15 Joll Rd
  • Havelock North, Hastings, Hawke's Bay