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Antipodes Skincare

Founder Elizabeth Barbalich identified a significant market opportunity to produce skincare products that were certified organic and sourced from natural compounds that could also stand up to robust scientific scrutiny.

In just seven years, Newtown-based Antipodes has developed a range of 26 skincare products, five natural mineral foundations and six lipsticks, which are now selling in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Slovenia, France, Australia and New Zealand. International retailers include big names such as Whole Foods Market, Selfridges Department Store UK, Sephora, Planet Organic, David Jones, MYER, Fenwick and online retailer ASOS.
Meeting the market by bringing consumers around the world a skincare range differentiated by the fact that each formula (not the parts) is scientifically validated and the premium ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s nature. From modest beginnings in 2006, today Antipodes is winning rave reviews in international magazines, beauty and health industry awards and accolades from the likes of Elle Macpherson, Evangeline Lilly and Cara Delevingne.
Antipodes has two key brand messages: Connect with Nature® + Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty™.
Connect with nature: potent pure ingredients grown in isolation for thousands of years in New Zealand nature feature across the range including world famous Manuka honey, harekeke and jojoba oil. Independent government organic certification is proof of the brands authentic organic status.
Scientific Validation: Antipodes is pioneering an exciting new niche in skincare globally - smart & sophisticated natural formulations that are scientifically validated through independent third party in-vitro investigations and clinical trials. Impressive results show that synthesis of collagen is significantly stimulated in human fibroblast skin cells by at least 51% and up to 92% across key Antipodes® products, including top seller, Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.* In vitro testing is also much more risky and the investment can be significant.
So strong is Elizabeth’s commitment to effectiveness that her brand stands alone on this promise, and her customers are becoming some of her greatest marketers with social media networks describing themselves as Antipodes Ambassadors.
“Antipodes Scientific Organic Beauty is world class skincare and makeup from New Zealand nature. Designed for eco-conscious women and men who appreciate cutting-edge creativity & style whilst expecting their natural and organic skincare to be results-oriented and uncompromisingly high-performance.” Elizabeth Barbalich, CEO.

Contact on:


  • PO Box 888
  • Wellington, Wellington