Glam by Manicare – GLAM XPRESS™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits


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Glam Xpress

Glam by Manicare – GLAM XPRESS™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits


Glam by Manicare® uses a tech smart all in one eyeliner with lash adhesive for effortless and instant lash application. Simply LINE, LASH & GO with the NEW Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits.

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic and bold statement look, or just some soft and simple definition, the smudge proof, flake free and waterproof multipurpose eyeliner allows for smooth application with a flexible precise felt tip. With a rich pigment and a semi-matte finish, the Glam Xpress Adhesive Eyeliner is long wearing and lasts up to 30 applications.

The Glam Xpress Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits are available in 3 Mink Effect styles including Natural ella-rose, Length ruby-grace and Intense mia-louise. Designed for all lash lovers, Glam takes lash application to a new quick and easy level so you can say hello to Glam the Xpress way!

All it takes is a slick of Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner along the top of the lash line and pressing on strip lashes for instant application. Create your look, from soft to dramatic, with the smudge proof, flake free and waterproof multi-purpose eyeliner designed for smooth application and a semi-matte finish.

Whether you are a false lash newcomer intimidated by standard lash formats with glue and are looking for easy to apply and easy-wear formats or an avid and heavy lash user and makeup enthusiast looking for the latest lash formats and finishes, Glam Xpress™ is for you!

Why we love Glam Xpress™
Easy to apply: simply apply Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner and press on strip lashes for instant application. There is no need to use standard lash glue, alleviating the need to apply glue on lash strips and position on eyelid which some find intimidating and hard to accomplish.

Quick-drying: Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner is designed to dry in seconds, allowing for quick lash application.
Smudge proof, waterproof and flake free eyeliner: high quality cosmetic grade eyeliner, pigment rich and designed for all day wear, lasting between 8-10 hours which can we incorporated into existing make up regime.

Reusable & efficient: the Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit includes one Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner which lasts up to 30 applications (that’s $1.16 per application) and one set of lashes which can also be re-used multiple times.

Cruelty free & vegan: there are no animal derivatives in the Glam Xpress™ Adhesive Eyeliner formula and no animal testing. All Glam lashes use high quality non animal fibres and therefore are cruelty free.

Hypoallergenic: suitable for sensitive skin.

Discover the Range



71. ELLA-ROSE - Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit

Our ella-rose kit includes a crisscrossed mink effect lash style for a natural and soft appearance.

72. RUBY-GRACE - Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit

ruby-grace brings you volume with a multi length mink effect style.

73. MIA-LOUISE - Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit

mia-louse, adds some intensity with a full-bodied mink effect lash style for a statement finish.


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