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We are very selective on whom we allow to work with our DJ company, offering a small trusted group of DJs who we know will perform at their best every time. Our DJs are experienced and passionate in their work, and you can rest assured they will be aiming to fill that dance floor with every song.  

Hiring a wedding DJ gives you flexibility and an immediate ability to change the song without altering the flow of the dancing. Guests' requests at your wedding or event are something that you can’t always determine prior to the event. Hiring a DJ enables you to give the guests what they want, at any given time in the evening, without the hassle of you personally having to deal with the music on a night that you would rather just enjoy.

The skill of a good DJ is reflected in their ability to accurately read a crowd, and play the songs to suit. Then take that crowd to a different mood or energy level depending on the response to a particular song. This is a skill that only comes with experience, and the fine-tuning of song selections crowd after crowd. Are the guests ready to rage? Is it a romantic moment? Do they need a rest? Is there a part of the group that is in need of a little extra attention?  At the end of the day, you are not just hiring a DJ for the music, you are hiring them for their experience in knowing what songs work at the appropriate time and with different audiences.


It is important to understand that the music for a wedding reception can make or break the success of the night. Too many people underestimate the importance of this and leave their wedding DJ booking until the last moment or, worse, they rely on a smartphone or an inexperienced friend to arrange this vital part of the evening. Choosing an inappropriate music-playing method will create a stressful night for you. So don’t leave it to chance, always hire an experienced wedding DJ.

We recommend that you check your DJ's previous experience and client feedback before booking him for your wedding or event. Any good DJ should be able to show you a stack of glowing reviews from previous wedding clients. They should also show respect for your dress-code, and for the scheduling of your day. The last thing you want is a shabbily dressed guy showing up half an hour late!

So... relax, enjoy your night, and make sure you hire a DJ from Discotech!




Location - Auckland & beyond



Author Profile

Stewart Hunt is the owner and manager of Discotech DJs. Stewart was a professional radio DJ for 20 years, playing music on top radio stations both in NZ and the USA. Stewart is also a professional musician who performs in the Auckland band Tongue & Groove.




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