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Calm Those Wedding Morning Nerves


The build-up to your wedding day is often months or years in the making and will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s only normal to feel some kind of anxiety or nervousness as well as excitement, of course! Here are a few ideas to manage the nerves so you can focus on enjoying your day.

Prioritise Sleep
To wake up well on your wedding day, get a good sleep the night before. Keep wedding eve drinks to a minimum (plenty of time to party on the wedding night and beyond!) and give yourself some time to have a warm shower, some screen-free time and to slip into bed nice and early. If you have trouble with getting to sleep, try a meditation app, magnesium supplements or a natural sleep support tonic.

Select an on-the-day Coordinator
Before your wedding, enlist someone to be an on-the-day go-to. This could be a bridesmaid, someone aside from your bridal party and family unit, or even a professional you hire for one day only. It’s a good idea to provide a run-sheet for the day, including all contacts and distribute to all of the bridal party, celebrant and photographer, however, if there is a person in charge of making sure everything’s ticking along well, it’s one less thing for you to think about – also, that person is everyone’s main point of contact, so that you are able to enjoy the day rather than field any queries that may arise.

Cool it with the Caffeine
Whether you’re a caffeine lover or not, be sure to stick to your norm on your wedding day in terms of tea and coffee ingestion. That extra cup to help keep your energy levels up (or to ‘reduce your nerves’) could end up making you more jittery.

Walk it Off
Before you start your big-day prep, get some fresh air into your system and your blood pumping around your body by going for a short stroll (or a run if you’re usually fairly active). Focus on breathing deeply into your tummy to allow oxygen to flow through your system and ‘tell’ your body that it’s okay. You’ll be surprised how it can clear your head and give your mind a focused start to the day.

Scent your Space
A gentle scent can help calm your emotions or even uplift the space you’re getting ready in. Candles are lovely as are diffusers or room sprays. Choose an essential oil that you love and is familiar to you, or perhaps a scent to evoke a particular emotion – lavender to calm, citrus to revitalise etc.

Consider a First Look
Meeting up with your husband or wife-to-be prior to the ceremony for a quick cuddle or for photographs with your bridal party is a nice way to reduce some of the nerves that can build up when all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. My husband Tim and I had pre-ceremony photographs together with our bridal party. It was a really relaxing moment to break from a busy morning, and it didn’t take anything away from walking down the aisle – the emotions and adrenaline in that moment were very much still there.

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration can cause stress, and vice versa. Being dehydrated also is shown in body responses such as increased heart rate, fatigue, headache and nausea. Keep your drink bottle nearby – and although having frequent loo stops in your wedding gown seems impractical, it’s no reason to not sip water throughout the day.

Pamela McIntosh, founder of All Is Calm.

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