Anzac Cake, Yes, Really!

Get in the spirit of Anzac with this tasty treat! 

    Why not celebrate Anzac Day by baking this sweet sensation courtesy of Jordan Rondel – aka, The Caker.

    Or, should you be a Kiwi/Aussie duo tying the knot, perhaps this is the wedding cake flavour to represent your union?!

    "One of the best things about being The Caker is creating recipes," says Jordan.

    "It's the part of the job I love the most. Usually, I thrive on creating something new but sometimes it can be even more fun putting a Caker spin on a classic recipe that has stood the test of time."

    "This month I'm bringing you the Anzac biscuit, with all of its buttery, oaty, coconutty, golden-syrupy goodness, in cake form – and, staying true to tradition, we're using old-school Chelsea Sugar ingredients to get the taste just right.


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