The 3 Types of Reception Seating Plans

Seating the right people together at a wedding can make the day hum harmoniously. Here's how to create the perfect configuration.

    There are three main types of seating plans to choose from:

    Where you designate guests to specific tables but leave the actual seat selection up to them. This type of plan gives your guests a degree of flexibility while still allowing you group like-minded friends and family together, position the rowdiest guests at the back of the room, or separate any estranged guests to avoid discomfort. This set-up is also useful for mixing different groups of friends together or making those all-important introductions between your single guests!

    You assign every guest with to a specific seat. This scenario is the most time-consuming to prepare, but gives you complete control over who sits where and takes the pressure off your guests when the moment comes for everyone to be seated – especially those who don’t know many other people at your celebration.

    The bridal party sits at a head table, and there are a few tables reserved for your parents to sit with their friends, your close relatives or other special attendants. The rest are unallocated.

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