Bridal Buys That Make Life Better

Golden finds from the New Zealand Weddings beauty editor.

New Zealand Weddings digital and beauty editor Pamela McIntosh chimes in on some interesting bridal finds and shares how she thinks they'll work in your bridal kit.

Goldwell Kerasilk Beautifying Hair Perfume, $46

You're probably as confused as I was when this product came across my desk. But after a little more reading I reckon there's room for this hair perfume in the bridal hair line-up. Not only does this fine fragrance (available in four different scents) boast beautifying haircare benefits – excellent timing – but it also gives a feeling of freshly-washed locks. Apparently.

Where I think it's probably got cred is for women who don't like to wear much fragrance or perhaps cannot wear fragrance for skin sensitivity reasons. Get where I'm going? You wouldn't want it to compete with your general perfume.

It's also a likely winner if you're wearing your hair down in a loose, tousled style. I imagine the fragrance being freshly renewed with each swoosh.

The Aromatherapy Company Limited Edition Soy Candle, $35

Candles make me as happy as a pig in mud, and this newbie from The Aromatherapy Company certainly doesn't let the rest of the team down. Smelling delicious thanks to coconut, caramel and tonka bean (a favourite base note in many popular fragrances), this candle not only makes an amazing Christmas Gift for your bridesmaids or to-be mother in law, but its ceramic vessel with gold foil print makes it ideal for the bridal table as well.

Drop earrings from Red Current , $40

Metallic and tassels are a match made in heaven. And with today's wedding style more personalised than ever before, a more fashion-forward accessory that you love can totally work on W-day. Just ensure it complements your overall look.

Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Hair Dryer, $169.95

Heated tools are a great way to speed up the daily styling process – and a good hair dryer/blow-dry duo can add a ton of volume to the roots of your mane.

In the lead-up to your big day, be mindful about looking after your locks. If you're a slave to heat styling and blow-drying, this little beauty – a hairdryer that nourishes your locks while it styles for strong, healthy, shiny hair – could be the ticket.

The coating on the dryer head provides a natural source of ions, which also helps de-frizz while you fry, I mean, dry.

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