So You're Shredding For The Wedding? Read This

To tone up you need to do consistent cardio and resistance training, but whose got the time? 

Fitness guru Amelia-Jane Hoffman of Fit Gorgeous Brides helps you reduce your workout time to allow for more wedding planning!

"To tone up you need to do your resistance training and your cardio regularly. But doing slow and steady cardio for 45 minutes to an hour after your weights or on a cardio day takes up way too much of the precious wedding planning time and the results take time to show on your body too.

This is why I have all my clients doing interval training which is also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to have them looking their best on their wedding day and honeymoon.

Interval training is short bursts of high intensity followed by a burst of lower intensity then repeated for 20-30 minutes.

This form of training is especially great for toning up your legs, glutes, hips and midsection as it focuses on burning fat rather than that precious lean muscle that you have just done your resistance to gain.

Here are five reasons you should add it to your routine too.

  1. Boost that metabolism: When done after weights it keeps your metabolism revved up for up to 24 hours afterwards. It burns not only more calories but also more total fat to have you toned in no time compared to steady cardio. So do your resistance training first then add for 20-30 minutes of intervals at the end to burn off any fat.
  2. Save time: Planning a wedding and honeymoon takes up precious free time so a quick and effective workout is required to de-stress and tone you up. As you don’t need to be on a treadmill, cross trainer or out pounding the pavement for 45 minutes you get your workout done in record time. 15 minutes of intervals is the equivalent to 1 hour of slow jogging and the effects start to show in as little as 2 weeks compared to 6-8 weeks. So now you have more time to plan your special day.
  3. Lose fat not muscle: Interval training switches on HGH which is your fat burning hormone. HGH also helps build lean muscle mass to get that firm toned look. So while you are doing interval training you are not losing the muscle you have been working so hard to get. Not only that but it helps to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles and increases your energy all while helping you reach your goals faster.
  4. No equipment required! You can do this anywhere, for example walk 2 lamp-posts sprint to the next and repeat, or if you have a watch time yourself for two minutes of a brisk walk followed by one minute of a jog or sprint.
  5. Any fitness level can do it: Just decrease either the time of your rest or low intensity part to make it harder, or increase the high intensity. If you are new to regular exercise start out with a walk then a jog rather than a jog and sprint.

Here is a sample of a workout that you can follow on a treadmill. For the first few weeks you may only be able to do 10-15 minutes but as the weeks progress you’ll find yourself getting fitter and able to go for longer.

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