7 Reasons To Choose a CANZ Celebrant

Not all celebrants are the same. Here's a handful of reasons why you'll benefit from choosing a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ). 

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They'll welcome your guests and set the tone for your magical day, but a celebrant's work and commitment to you and your partner begins months before your wedding day.

A CANZ celebrant can offer you support with writing vows, suggesting venues, creating a ceremony that suits your personalities and values, and more.

Unlike all celebrants, they also commit to:

1. Honouring and adhering to the CANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.

2. Opportunities to participate in ongoing professional development.

3. A high quality ceremony.

4. Strong relationships with you, by listening to what is required.

5. Pride in creating trust with you, to enable them to create your own ceremony.

6. Understanding the client’s needs are all that matter.

7. Ensuring needs are deeply personal and respect confidentiality.

Follow CANZ on Facebook, and find a celebrant here.

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