Ask The Honeymoon Angel #3: How Do I Plan a Surprise Honeymoon For My Wife?

Need a helping hand with that exciting honeymoon prep? Our honeymoon angel, wedding travel specialist Anita Gatley is at your service.

Q. Help, Anita. I’d like to arrange a surprise honeymoon for my wife. Where do I start?

Anita responds: "You are my almost perfect client! This gives me the ability to arrange the honeymoon I would love! Over the years I have seen hundreds of properties and of course I have my favourites. When a groom comes to me with this request (surprisingly it happens more than you think and I love it) the very first question I ask is where would you most like to go? Secondly, I ask about the budget. This is never an easy question but will make my job a lot easier!

I’d love to be able to offer a Premium Over Water Bungalow in Tahiti for 10 nights with Business Class airfares and a candle-lit private dinner on a sandbank - but if your budget doesn’t equal that all I’m going to get is an upset groom! However, if you give me a realistic budget I can work within this to tailor-make something that you will be proud to surprise your bride with. There are tricks travel agents use to tailor-make your trip to fit within your budget. I don’t want to give away trade secrets but if you are honest with your Wedding Travel Specialist about what is important to have and what would be nice to have they can make it work for you.

Your Wedding Specialist might make a recommendation as to something you “should do” – especially as they’ve probably experienced it themselves. If possible try and take their advice; these are often the additions that make your trip that much more special.

So, give me a call I’ll find out what you as a couple love to do and I’ll put something together just for you."

For more advice on all things honeymoon and destination weddings, find Anita at and follow Anita on Facebook. Read more of Anita's advice here.

To email our Honeymoon Angel Anita, send your question to [email protected] with ASK THE HONEYMOON ANGEL in the subject line. Don't forget to include your name and city.

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