A New NZ Concept in Couture Wedding Dress Fittings

A new simple dressmaking process that assures stunning results!

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Want custom-made but struggling to visualise the final result?

Auckland-based La Belle Bridal Creations is a new concept in dressmaking, allowing women to see first and foremost which shapes suit their body and bridal style, before working on any further pieces of the bridal gown puzzle.

It's still a very new (and exclusive) concept, so you'll have to contact La Belle Bridal Creations for more information, but Pamela McIntosh of New Zealand Weddings sat down with Gabrielle from La Belle to find out more about the idea.

How did the concept for La Belle Bridal's come about?

Gabrielle: When brides-to-be shop for their wedding dress in an off-the-rack kind of store, they can see their dress, visualise it working with the entire day's theme, and they know what want to get – but it's not an original.

And on the flip-side, brides wanting made-to-measure or custom design might like the unique style made just for them, but spending lots of money on something you won't see until the final fitting can cause a little anxiety.

We wanted to relieve this stress, and so we've come up with a special way of helping the bride know exactly how the dress will look as well as including her in every part of the fit and design process.

Gabrielle: It’s the same concept as going to the shops and picking out a skirt and top and then going to the changing room and realising they don’t suit at all. You can see from the very beginning whether you’ll like the wedding dress or not, without the risk of spending a large amount of money and then realising halfway through the process that it’s not what you imagined. You’re not going in blind.

So first and foremost you’re looking at the form and the shape of the gown, without all the distractions of the detail like beading and lace?

Gabrielle: Exactly. Once we have the silhouette figured out, then we can move on to the fabrics and embellishments later. We’re working with the bride, to create something together, rather than just telling them what we think will suit them. It’s very personalised and we really want this to be a collaboration between us and the bride. They’re able to have a play and create exactly what they’re after.

How many visits do you think brides would have to see you for the whole process?

Gabrielle: Once we’ve worked out their silhouette, we can do their first fitting that same day. We do all the pinning on that sample and then take that to the pattern block to do all the adjustments to that pattern. So really they just need two visits, the maximum being three. It’s best to give it about six months for the whole gown making process, especially once we get busier.

Is La Belle Bridal Creations available nationwide?

Gabrielle: It’s just Auckland at the moment, in Belmont on the North Shore. But we have plans to take it outside of Auckland as well. We’ll begin with just Saturday appointments and fittings and will charge a fee to try on the samples – but this will end up going towards the dress. An overview of the simple process at La Belle Bridal Creations:

    We encourage you to bring your ideas, hopes and dreams to our initial consultation, so that we can start to share your vision for your big day
    Our cleverly designed look book will enable you to consider colour, shape, style, texture and embellishments in more detail, and give further inspiration for your unique creation.
  • STEP THREE: TIME TO PLAY DRESS-UPS. Only at La Belle can you access our unique range of design prototypes that allows you to create the ultimate dress combination that perfectly compliments your figure and personality.

Follow La Belle Bridal Creations on Facebook and message them for more information. Website coming soon.

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