Ask The Honeymoon Angel #1: Destination Drama

Need a helping hand with that exciting honeymoon prep? Our honeymoon angel, wedding travel specialist Anita Gatley is at your service.

"Question: Help, Anita. My husband and I both adore different destinations for our honeymoon – I'm more of a relaxer, he's more active. How can we come to an agreement on one destination? Any suggestions on spots where we can get the best of both our wishes?" Laura, Taihape, New Zealand

Anita says: "Funnily enough this sounds like me and my husband – we have been married for 19 years and have 3 kids so must have done something right! All those years ago we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and this destination just keeps on giving. We’ve been there several times since and keep finding different things to do.

I call my husband an “active relaxer” he likes to ‘do’ things. Hawaii is a great destination because you can relax and sit on a beach or beside a pool but you can also go shopping, visit monuments and waterfalls, hire a car and see the sights and even take a helicopter ride over a volcano! I’m more the relaxer and like to have massages and read a magazine beside the pool. Equally I do enjoy snorkeling and trying new things like kayaking or paddle-boarding. Hawaii is also well-known for its sunset cruises and beautiful bush walks.

Hawaii is made up of several outer islands also. Why not combine the mainland, Oahu with a trip to one or more islands? Each offer something different and you’d be hard pushed to find a couple that had been to all of them! There are fantastic restaurants and taking in a Luau Dinner is always recommended.

As you can see, Hawaii  is a destination that will suit you both! You will most likely be mentally exhausted from your wedding. Hawaii is the perfect place to recharge the batteries, reconnect with each other and just enjoy each other’s company. Whatever you do you will be doing it together so ENJOY it."

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