Current Obsession: Yellow Diamonds

Coloured gemstones are back – big time – but there's one diamond hue in particular that holds our gaze this summer...

    With individuality and uniqueness taking precedence over classic engagement and wedding style, we've jumped on the yellow diamond jewellery bandwagon to showcase a few of our favourites.

    Jeweller’s Workshop ’s David Worth says that a yellow diamond is a perfect option for lovers of warm hues. “With intensity ranging from soft hues to a bright canary yellow, the yellow diamond allows you to have a design that compliments your personality and style, while having all the benefits of a diamond including brilliance and durability - which is very important, of course!"

    Greg Holland of Greg Holland Jewellery adds that the cut of any diamond should always be the first consideration, however when dealing with coloured gems you need to look and the right colour for you, because no two stones will be alike.

    “Intensity of colour will largely indicate price,” explains Greg. “As a general rule, a finely-cut pale yellow will cost less than a finely-cut intense yellow. A very unique yellow diamond is the Chameleon Diamond, and as the name suggests it has the ability to change colour in various light conditions, for example change from yellow to green. These stones are highly prized by collectors and are priced accordingly.”

    Above: The Chameleon Diamond from Greg Holland Jewellery.

    Click through the below slideshow for New Zealand Weddings’ pick of yellow diamond jewellery.

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