How Technology & Social Media Can Enhance Your Wedding

Move over websites and iMovie, we tap into technology tricks that'll take celebrations up a notch.

Social and digital trends have become an integral part of daily life, so it can make sense to incorporate them – strategically and appropriately – into your wedding day, should you desire.

When documenting your day through social media, inform guests about how to help collate information (by using hashtags, for example). You may want to allocate a bridesmaid to keep an eye on what’s being shared online, to ensure it stays tasteful.

Done with consideration, digital helpers like social media and live streaming can be a great way to include guests who are unable to be present physically, but still want to share the day with you, moment by moment.

GoPro point of view

GoPro cameras are commonly used by extreme adventurers and being put through the paces by vloggers worldwide. But look  more closely and you may spy GoPros disguised in surprising places come wedding time, like in the bride’s bouquet, on the dance floor or bridal table, capturing a video of the day from a different perspective.


Accepting cash in lieu of a wedding gift is increasingly common, but the practice of cash or cheque inside a card to be slotted into a ‘wishing well’ has a trendier, more tech-friendly alternative. Honeyfund honeymoon and cash registries are a safe and trusted way to house guest donations digitally, and also give your guests the option to take care of the wedding gift prior to the celebration, which means one less thing for them to bring.

Crowdsourcing music

At the end of the big day, there’s nothing more magnificent than seeing your friends and family let their hair down and make new mates on the dance floor. Your playlist needs to be perfect, a good blend of people-pleasing hits suitable for the majority of attendees. Crowdsourcing your music is a great way to allow guests to suggest a song or two, and make them feel all the more special when their choice of tune pops up on the playlist. Ask your guests to suggest their tune when they RSVP – so they have no excuse to not boogie when the beats drop.

Birds-eye bridal

Remote-controlled drone cameras take video footage to new heights, quite literally. How beautiful to have a sky-high fly-by shot of a bride walking down the aisle to meet her husband to be, or perhaps an after-ceremony shot of everyone toasting their glasses towards the sky, or the release of balloons, doves or lanterns being captured from above. Ask your videographer if they use a drone to create and capture spectacular video footage. If not, chances are a tech-geek friend might love nothing more than to take theirs for a spin on your special day.

Pass the selfie stick

In the scenario of a large event, selfie sticks are a good way to get the maximum number of faces in just one frame. A smartphone on a selfie stick being passed around reception tables or a cocktail evening is a sure-fire way to ensure you get a social and relaxed snap of the majority in attendance, just in case your photographer doesn’t capture everyone.

3D cake toppers

American couples are starting to get seriously realistic when it comes to replicating themselves on top of their wedding cake. 3D design and print studios are welcoming couples for a bridal photo shoot. One image gets 3D-printed in small scale and voila, a life like cake topper that’s sure to wow.

You had me at hashtag

Hashtags may be becoming a bit overused (and overrated) in certain settings, but a social media ‘hashtag’ for your wedding can not only go a long way in helping you collate your guests’ pictures from the day, but also help anyone unable to attend your wedding keep up with the celebrations online. Sites like, and can offer some great ideas for a hashtag to file collective memories from your big day. Once you’ve come up with a relevant hashtag, be sure to let your guests know on the invitation or by signage as they arrive at the ceremony.

Animation stations

Photo booths and props are a quirky way to add a bit of pizazz to the party, but this concept is now on the move. Animation stations use gif technology – a changeable format which allows overlays of themes or props to suit your occasion. If you’re hosting a large reception in a big venue such as a hotel, the gif imagery of your guests can be linked instantly to an AV system, or even social media. Tom Elliot from Quikpix NZ says there are lots of ways to personalise the feature for your big day, and while party props are essentials in the booth-style photo, animation stations allow post-photo prop additions, or even the ability to add a personal message to the newlyweds.

Stay in charge

You and your guests may be fully charged for a day of romance, laughter and memories, but it’s common for guests to forget (or run out of time) to charge their devices, until they are reminded by the dreaded low-battery symbol. Setting up simple charging ports – for smartphones most commonly – is a great way for guests stay online all day. That is, unless your venue has no mobile coverage, in which case it may pay to alert your guests in advance for transport or childcare reasons.

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