5 Ways to Tone Up For Your Wedding

Bridal bootcamp commander and founder of Fit Gorgeous Brides Amelia-Jane Hoffman blogs each month for New Zealand Weddings about health and happiness in the lead-up to your special day and beyond. To kick-start our motivation, she shares five tips to fast-track fitness and get results fast:

1. Never skip a workout!

No matter how you feel and how little time you have, just fit something in. Fifteen minutes of something is better than nothing.

A rest day is perfectly fine but never go more than two days in a row without a workout – it only makes it harder to get back into it on the third day. Even better just go for a small walk or do a stretch yoga class on your rest day as they are both low intensity and still help your body recover from weights/strength training. Aim for five workouts a week and book them in like appointments (you're important too, remember!), and make them the same days of the week all the time, that way you can easily plan your life around them.

2. Always do your cardio after your weights, not before

It's good to begin with a short five-minute warm-up on the rower, bike or treadmill, and then go straight to some weights. This way your muscles are not fatigued so you can lift more and heavier without being too tired.  The best benefit of this is that doing it in this order keeps your metabolism raised for much longer (and we are talking a good 4 hours plus) than if you did it the other way around.

3. Two litres of water a day

Drinking your water each day will help flush out toxins, clear up your skin as well as helping to prevent bloating by preventing water retention. My tip to make this easier for you is to drink one litre by midday and the other throughout the afternoon before 5pm. Many places sell one litre drink bottles and my clients find that drinking two of those a day is much easier than trying to drink three or four 750ml bottles. Adding slices of lemon to your water or infusing it with other types of fruit is a nice way to add flavour.

4. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights

Even if you are at home and working out with dumbbells. Ideally you want to be able to do eight to ten repetitions of one exercise and aim for four to five sets of each. This helps to increase the strength and tone of the muscle without making you bulky. Remember: Increase in lean muscle means a boosted metabolism to burn body fat – which is what we want.

5. Get your beauty sleep

Did you know that when you don’t get enough sleep and wake up feel sluggish that your fat cells do too? So speed up your metabolism with some good shut eye. Seven to eight hours each night is the amount to aim for.

This information is intended as a guide only. We encourage you to seek advice specific to you from a professional before you embark on any new health, nutrition or fitness programme.

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