10 Questions to Ask Your DJ Before You Book

Set your up for dancefloor success by picking the pro that’s right for the job.

    Set yourself up for dancefloor success by picking the pro that’s right for the job.  

    1. Is this your full-time business?

    To get a good handle on your potential DJ’s level of experience, ask them about the types of clients or people they’ve worked with in the past and the different events they’ve done. A DJ with varied experience will provide a greater depth of professionalism and a seamless service.

    2. What will you be wearing?

    If your wedding is to be a black tie event, ask your DJ to dress accordingly, as a DJ who turns up in a T-shirt and skinny jeans will inevitably look out of place. Conversely, a casual beach wedding wouldn’t require a DJ to be in formal dress. Your DJ will also appreciate the heads up regarding attire so they can dress appropriately for the occasion. 

    3. How do you customise the experience? Do you offer song lists?

    It will be a huge help – and timesaver – if your DJ has song lists you can look through and choose from. Find out if your DJ is prepared to customise your experience by allowing you to choose songs you know will get your guests on the dance floor to follow your first dance.

    4. How do you get the crowd pumped?

    If your guest list is full of extroverts, it may not be top of your list to hire a DJ who’s an expert at getting a crowd going. On the flipside, if your guests tend more towards shy, retiring types, find out from your DJ how they get the crowd pumped and their suggestions for music that can do this.

    5. How do you handle song requests?

    It’s almost a given there’ll be guests who will want to request their favourite 80’s anthem or dance track, so you’ll need your DJ to be on board with this if you think this will happen. If they seem uncomfortable with the idea, or don’t have the capacity to play songs that aren’t part of their playlist, you may need to look elsewhere.

    6. What sound equipment do you use / do you have back up?

    It’s a good idea to ask your DJ about what particular sound equipment they use and whether they’ll need any extra equipment to be supplied by the venue. It is also useful to find out whether your DJ has backup they can use in the event of an equipment failure.

    7. Have you played at this venue before?

    If you’re getting married at a popular wedding venue, chances are your DJ may have played there before and knows the layout and equipment requirements.  But if your DJ hasn’t played at your particular venue before, it’s a good idea to ask them if they’ll do a site visit before the wedding day so they can check out the space and any extra equipment they may need to bring.

    8. Can we have the DJ of our choice?

    It definitely pays to check that the DJ you have met with will actually be your DJ on the day. Many DJ businesses have several DJs on their books, and will provide whichever DJ is available on your date. If there is someone specific that you want, it’s a good idea to ask for this and check availability. Make sure you ask them about what they’ll do in the event of an emergency – who would replace them and are you able to meet their back up option.

    9. What other services do you offer?

    Strobe lights, smoke machines, glitter balls – you name it, funky lighting and accessories can really give your dance floor the added wow factor. Ask your DJ what extra services they can offer, or any special equipment they may have that will add the finishing touches to your day.

    10. Why should I choose you?

    Finding out your DJ’s point of difference will give you the opportunity to suss out how you can best work together and what X factor they can bring to your day. They may have a particular skillset with mixing music, or great extra lighting accessories to bring on the day – you don’t know until you ask!

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