Bridal Buzz: May 8

Need an excuse to splurge? We've got several great ones all lined up for you in this week's Bridal Buzz.

  • Story by Photo Marissa Findlay

Need an excuse to splurge? We've got several great ones lined up in this week's Bridal Buzz. 

Kapell Bar
Wet shoes, flu injections, dry skin – over winter already? We hear you. As, too, it appears, do the folk at Rekorderlig – because in what seems to us like a genius attempt to combat any hint of seasonal affective disorder, they’ve opened a pop-up bar brimming with bright blooms and cider cocktails. Nestled in the heart of Ponsonby, Kapell Bar is only open for a few weeks – so if you’re keen get amongst it, you best make haste. 

Deadly Ponies, Osborne Street
An exciting new chapter in life calls for an exciting new handbag – everyone knows that. Which is why no one will judge you for hurrying along to Deadly Ponies’ new Osborne Street store and splurging on your favourite find. At least we certainly won’t. 

Wedding show lineup
May: it’s been the month of royal births, The Bachelor hysteria and, most excitingly, a whole host of wedding shows up and down the country. Last weekend it was Christchurch, next weekend it’s Wellington and the weekend after that it’s Hawke’s Bay – we’ll be at them all, and we’ll come bearing discounted subscriptions and free perfume. In the area? We’ll see you there!

T2 teapot
First thing upon rising, before your wedding planning session, after your wedding planning session, last thing before bed, as an accompaniment to a midnight snack – there is literally no time of day where a cup of tea isn’t wholly appropriate, or, for that matter, necessary. Which is why it makes compete sense to treat yourself to this fine bone china teapot and teacup, courtesy of T2. If you’re going to harbour a tea addiction, you might as well do it in style. 

Mimco earrings
These earrings speak volumes: the drop-style setting says “this is a special occasion”. The jet-black crystal says “I’ve got style”. The price tag says “buy me” – you’d be silly to disobey.

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