Bridal Buzz: June 6

Where does one unearth the most princess-like gowns in all the land? Find out in this week's Bridal Buzz.

  • Story by Photo Stephen Tilley

The most princess-like gowns in all the land and the sturdiest boots your groom will ever wear – we bring you this week's Bridal Buzz. 


Princess bride
There’s nothing like a healthy dose of lace, tulle and marshmallow pink to cheer us up on a Friday, which is why, once again, we find ourselves poring over Natalie Chan’s new couture bridal collection. These are the sorts of gowns that were made for swishing around gardens with a glass of rosé in hand: there are ruffle sleeves, there are rosette appliqués and there are tulle overlay skirts you can shimmy out of when you feel it’s time to dominate the dance floor.

Extra, extra!
Forget stationery suites, there’s a new wave of envelopes you need to familiarise yourself with: Mimco’s unbearably chic new range of clutches. They’re slender, they’re sophisticated and they act as the perfect big-day cocoon for all your bridely must-haves. Pick a favourite, tuck it under your arm and proceed to be chic. Available from July. 

Picnic ready
We’d love to believe picnic weddings are as dreamy as they look. Really, we would. But let’s be real: arranging a guest list’s worth of sun-proof meals that can a) withstand a car ride b) cater to every guests’ dietary requirements and c) actually taste decent is a task that, to us, sounds so staggeringly onerous that we’ve abandoned the notion with little more than a light-hearted sigh. Enter Picnic Box: Diane and her team will neatly arrange artisan snacks (quiches, crusty baguettes, salads, other lovely treats along those lines) into eco-friendly, conveniently stackable single-serve cardboard boxes. They’ll deliver the boxes straight to your picnic spot of choice. Everyone will devour them. Your guests will gush at what a clever idea it all was. It really is that simple.

For him
Before you ask, this is so much more than a men’s footwear collection. So much more. Rather, it’s the birth of a classic: Barkers and McKinlays have put their heads together and created trio of handcrafted boots (two leather, one suede) that are so well made that there’s a genuinely good chance they’ll outlive your groom. They’ve even got their own video, which you can swoon over below. Pick your groom’s up at your closest Barkers store.

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