Bridal Buzz: May 23

Our favourite new favour idea and some extremely pretty dresses: we bring you this week's Bridal Buzz.

  • Story by Photo Carolyn Haslett

Our favourite favour idea of the moment and some extremely pretty dresses: we bring you this week's Bridal Buzz. 

Favour idea
Is it a thank-you note? Is it a packet of seeds? It’s both, tell your guests, as you hand them one each as a favour. Church Confetti’s handmade I Flower paper is embedded with wild flower seeds: you bury the paper in soil, water them every so often, and sit back smugly as vibrant blooms sprout to life. Better still, personalised messages can be printed on the paper, and even better than that, Church Confetti will do it for free. It’s officially our fave new favour idea: order a batch online at

Underwear update
Is your lingerie drawer in need of a pre-honeymoon spruce up? Allow us to point you in the direction of Elle
MacPherson’s latest collection: there’s ribbons (but not too many) lace (but again, not too much of it) and a pleasingly diverse mix of pastel, bright and neutral tones. There’s also four different types of bra depending on your mood, such as Boost when you want ‘maxiumum lift and plunge’ and Natural when you’d rather there was ‘nothing between you and your bra’. Our verdict? It’s a textbook example of pretty meets practical – we suggest you make a beeline for Bendon or Farmers, stat.

Guest book alternative
Our favourite alternative guest book idea has just got even better: introducing Artyink’s Best Wishes frames. They’re ready-to-use photo frames filled with a neat grid of paper hearts or circles (you pick which) that sit behind a layer of removable glass. Leave the glass at home for your reception, have guests sign the paper over the course of the night, re-insert the glass when you get home and find a spot on the wall to hang the frame. It’s as simple as that. Get yours at

Seeing blue
There’s something coolly beautiful about a blue dress scattered with a cheerful print – it reminds us of summer skies and days spent at the beach, memories made all the more lovely by their stark contrast to the weather outside. The oceanic bridesmaid dresses on display at Barcelona Bridal Week were a sight to behold, as are the newest local offerings from the likes of Ruby and Trelise Cooper. Your biggest challenge? Picking a favourite: from sharp geometrics to dainty florals, this season’s offerings have us swooning up a storm.                                                       

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