The Inside Word: Compiling Your Registry

We asked Corso de Fiori general manager Jeremy Willoughby for his top wish list-making tips.

    With a store in both Auckland and Wellington, Corso de Fiori is a mecca of ornate homeware, furnishings and fashion staples and is favourite registry option among soon-to-be-weds. We asked General Manager Jeremy Willoughby for his top wish list-compiling tips.

    What are the benefits of setting up a gift registry?
    Times have changed in the last 10 to twenty years – these days, most couples already have the essentials which were once staple wedding gifts – toasters, vacuum cleaners, and so on – and instead are looking for items that carry more meaning, such as a beautiful vase or an extra special dinner set. Setting up a registry means that, as well as avoiding duplicate gifts, every gift couples receive will be in keeping with their tastes and needs. Furthermore, it takes the hassle out of gift selection for guests – there’s no need for them to ask ‘Oh but will they like it?’

    What are three key things couples should keep in mind when setting up a gift registry?
    When it comes to wedding gifts, timeless classics win every time. There’s nothing worse than wanting to put a wedding gift on Trademe because it’s not fashionable anymore. Try and find something you both love and will use every day instead of something that is trend-driven – I had my registry at Corso 8 years ago and got an antique Chinese cabinet. I still love it as much now as the first day we got it, and every time I look at it I’m reminded of my wedding. If you’re unsure of what to choose, vouchers are a great option. The stock is constantly evolving, so if you’re struggling to make up your mind then there’s a high chance a special gift you love is about to hit the shelves.

    How would you describe Corso de Fiori?
    Corso de Fiori is an emporium of design-led gifts and furniture sourced from around the world. During a visit to the store, customers will often lose themselves in the ornate range of treasures and homewares available – it’s not often people leave without a purchase in hand.

    When do couples receive their gifts?
    If the product is in store, couples can choose to receive their gifts whenever they like, otherwise we can arrange delivery or pickup once it’s in stock.

    How do guests go about buying gifts?
    There are a few options – friends and family can buy gifts from a couple’s list in store, by email or over the phone. Once gifts have been bought, we remove them from the list to avoid duplication. Overseas guests can either choose gifts via the website and pay by credit card over the phone, or purchase vouchers for the couple. Couples enjoy a 10 per cent newlywed discount for their first six months of marriage, so if a registry item goes unpurchased they can buy it for themselves instead.

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