Minimal cost, maximum impact

Minimal cost with maximum impact- how to have a ‘wow’ wedding without a wack on your wallet.

    Minimal cost with maximum impact- how to have a ‘wow’ wedding without a wack on your wallet.


    ‘Make your event memorable with music. We made up our wedding playlist from our guests’ favourite songs.’ Dee, Auckland.

    ‘Throw a quirky activity into the party mix. We gave a salsa dance lesson at the reception.’ Keri, Christchurch.

    ‘Get guests involved. We had a jukebox – everybody bonded over choosing the tunes.’ Maria, Whakatane.

    ‘Make memories last with personalised videos. We asked a friend to go around to each guest and record them leaving special messages for us.’ Sophia, Wanganui.


    ‘Keep the drinks menu special but simple. We served two types of wine and beer, plus we had a cocktail menu but used basic spirits.’ Karen, Mangawhai.

    ‘Surprise everyone. Late in the evening we served fish and chips in noodle boxes and set up an ice cream sundae bar.’Anne, Warkworth.

’Make it sweet. We started collecting lollies months before the day, and my bridesmaids and I also baked a hundred tri-coloured cupcakes – they added a burst of colour to the cake table and it was a fun project for us to do together.’ Isobel, Napier.


    ‘Bring a sense of history into the day. Married guests brought along framed photographs of their wedding, which were collected at the end of the ceremony and hung on a wall at the reception.’ Vicki, Sumner.

    ‘The location is everything. We married at the Auckland Zoo and named the tables after native birds. The venue had plenty of entertainment value and didn’t need much redecorating.’Pete, Auckland.

    ‘Share who you are as a couple. At the reception, we circulated photo albums that showed precious moments from our four pre-wedding years together. Some of our guests featured in the photos as well.’ Fiona, Wanaka.

    ‘Have a laugh. We own canines and many of our friends do too, so we invited guests to bring their dogs. It made for a loud but hysterical reception.’ Claire, Matakana.


    ‘We scattered chocolates that came with fortunes and paper fortune tellers on the tables.’ Danielle, Raglan.


    ‘Create ambience. We added spark by setting a bonfire once the sun set, complete with marshmallows on sticks.’ Isobel, Mt Maunganui.

    ‘Indulge everyone’s senses. Our reception at the community hall was full of fragrant vanilla candles. The guests loved it, and I think of our wedding day whenever I catch the scent of vanilla.’ Jane, Nelson.

    ‘Make it comfortable. We created a lounge space with scented candles away from the dance floor so guests could chill out.’ Evelyn, Napier.

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