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A Magical Wedding Day Morning


Kate Manihera is a wedding and beauty makeup specialist based in Auckland. Kate has been nominated for numerous awards in the industry and most recently won New Zealand Beauty Influencer of the Year 2019. Kate is the makeup artist of choice for the New Zealand Weddings magazine.

Kate Manihera – Beauty Makeup Specialist

As a makeup artist, there are a million things I love about my job. It’s fun, creative and engaging – I get to meet new people and help them feel beautiful! But the very best part is being with my brides on the happiest day of their life.

I’ve been in the wedding industry for five years and have since experienced more than 100 unique wedding days. More recently, I began working with New Zealand Weddings magazine in their styled shoots, creating looks and trends for upcoming brides and artists alike. Every week, I spend hours with brides and their loved ones as we prepare for the day ahead. And over time, I’ve compiled a few top tips for creating a magical wedding day morning.

Where you choose to get ready on your wedding day is an important decision. You want a clean, tidy space where you will feel relaxed. Think about who you would like to get ready with you. Having a lot of people in one space can be overwhelming, so try to avoid a full house! Also, be conscious of choosing a space where there is natural light for your makeup and a nice background for your photos. I always recommend booking a hair and makeup team who can travel to you as this eliminates the stress of driving to and from a salon.

Enjoy a movie night in with your bridesmaids. Take the time to work on any last details or decorations but also to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s important to try get to sleep early but know it’s totally normal for the excitement to keep you up – you’re preparing for the best day of your life!

In the morning, allow time to shower, brush your teeth and apply your skincare, deodorant and body moisturiser, before the makeup artist and hair stylist arrive. I always provide my brides with a schedule for the day, so you’ll each know exactly when it’s your turn in the chair. In the week before your wedding, discuss this schedule with your bridesmaids to allow for a seamless morning of getting glam.

Don’t forget to eat on your wedding day – and no, you won’t be bloated! I find one ig meal in the morning usually works the best to keep you satiated. I’ve seen cooked breakfasts, toast, cereal and yoghurt, but my personal favourite is a selection of sweet and savoury croissants. So delicious! Then, I recommend creating fruit platters and cheese platters to nibble at for the rest of the morning.

Your wedding day is a BIG day! You will be up early and going to bed late, you will be smiling for photos, talking with friends and family and likely enjoying the sunshine. Start your day with a big glass of water and continue to sip throughout the day to avoid headaches.

I absolutely love when a bride and her fiancé exchange a heartfelt letter or card to read on the morning of their wedding day. It’s a truly beautiful moment – make sure your photographer is around to capture it! You can also choose to accompany this gesture with a small gift as well.

The day will fly by! Always allow an hour in your schedule for those ‘last minute’ details. Brides often underestimate how long it takes to get dressed and get photos with the photographer. Don’t forget your lipstick, perfume and jewellery! Once you are ready, sit down with a glass of bubbles, relax and soak it all in.

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