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4 Tips for Better Wedding Day Skin


My biggest tip is that you should start any professional skin treatments at least six months before your wedding day. The skin is on a 28 day cycle so it can take two to three months to see results from a treatment. So don’t leave it until the last minute if your chasing serious glowing skin

Invest in some really great skin care products. Look for skincare that is sold at skin and laser clinics. Ideally you would want Biologi serums in your routine as they are the only 100% active serums available in the world and they deliver serious results

Exfoliation is key. Make sure you are using an exfoliant one to two times per week as it creates smooth glowing skin and it also allows your serums and moisturisers better penetration into the skin so that they can do their job properly

Everyone knows this, but drink lots of water. Why? Dehydrated skin looks older than it should. So make sure your drinking two to three litres per day in the weeks leading up to the big day.


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