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Kama Catch Me Photography

Hello and a warm Fijian “Bula Vinaka”. We are a Husband and Wife Team based in Fiji. So what you get when you choose us is a fusion of skill sets, characters, energies, experiences and artistic perspectives all poured into telling one story….yours.

Our Philosophy is a simple one:
‘To Catch you being you’
So what does ‘Catching you being you’ actually look like?
1. Its a collaboration:
When we come to catch you on your big Day, just as our two different backgrounds are fused to pour our artistic passion into telling your story, we understand that you would also (as a collective) have an idea of what you would like out of your day. And so see your wedding as a collaboration, not us dictating how your day should look, feel or flow but us working together to create something new, magical and uniquely YOU.
2. We are story tellers:
What’s your favorite story? And why is it your favorite? Most probably, it’s because you felt a heart connection, and could either see yourself in it or through the story. If you are here because you have felt a connection through our images, then we’re pretty certain that we’re going to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.
And because of our story telling approach, when we come to catch you, our style is to allow the day to flow and unfold naturally.
If we do ask to position you its usually because we’ve noticed that the light is more flattering in a certain location, or that if you stood a certain way that your features would compliment you more.
3. We come as a duo:
With there being the two of us, it means we will inevitably capture more of your day (as opposed to having just a single shooter photographer booked). In the ‘getting ready stages’ we tend to split up and Gitte is with the Bride (and her party) whilst Ropate shoots the Groom (and his boys). We remain like this up until you arrive at the ceremony, so that you have two different stories ruining simultaneously and uniterrupted (without the worry of any Golden candid moments being missed.)
4. Its about YOU:
If you think about it, (unless your eloping) wedding days tend to be more about ‘the family, extended family and friends’ witnessing your union. And although we go out of our way to capture their expressions, excitement and emotions on the day, when it all simmers down, the day is meant to be all about YOU. This is why we encourage that at least 2 hours (minimum) be set aside for your personal portraits, many times we will ensure that it remains an “intimate session” by offering to take you to a pre scouted location.
5. Off the Beaten Path:
Last but not least – Fiji has so much to offer as a destination wedding location, besides your stereotypical resort environment. It also has secluded beaches, sand dunes and sandbanks, big rock formations or deserted islands – besides that it has quirky urban scapes and Epic rural (high and low land) spots that are absolutely perfect for your personal portrait session, the question is ‘how original and adventurous are you?’
If you have an adventurous streak in you, then to catch you being you, we want to take you ‘Off the beaten path’.
Hope this little insight has helped you understand us a bit more, and for any questions then please feel free to holla at us.
Ropate and Gitte
The Kama’s