WIN! A Beautiful, Healthy Bridal Smile

Step up your dental hygiene in the lead-up to your special day, with a subscription to the new FreshBrush service!

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Dentists recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging your teeth and gums. But soft bristles wear out quickly, leaving you with a ragged toothbrush well before its recommended three-month life is up.

Freshbrush is a new toothbrush subscription service where you get a new brush delivered to your door before the bristles wear out. Easy!

WIN! New Zealand Weddings is giving Kiwi brides the chance to win their very own 12-month subscription to Freshbrush. To enter, simply email your name, address and contact phone number to [email protected], and use 'FRESHBRUSH' as the subject line. Best of luck!

Every year the world throws away literally billions of toothbrushes - endless pieces of plastic that go straight into landfill. And every year we create billions of new sticks of plastic to replace them. Each Freshbrush is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, a biodegradable and renewable material grown in a Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable bamboo innovation park.

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