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9 Unconventional Celeb Dresses

As far as out-of-the-ordinary goes, giving your six under-14s free reign over your big-day dress design ranks pretty high on the have-to-be-a-special-kind-of-mum scale. more

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The New Zealand Weddings Collection Show: First Glimpse

Crimson suit jackets, aisle-wide skirts, wedding-worthy sunglasses and tiers of tassels - if 2014's New Zealand Weddings Collection is anything to go by, this season's bridalwear will break chic new ground. more

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Fashion Week Quick-Fire: Vinka Design

Bridal designer Anita Turner-Williams gives us a sneak peak at her 2015 collection, soon to be debuted at Fashion Week, and shares her top bridal fashion tips more

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Bridal Buzz: August 25

A birthday party, a cape and a curling wand – all in this week's Bridal Buzz! more


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